Our Intention

The Mighty Creative Adventure™ is a collaboration between Wendy Cook and Becky Jaine, two mothers and artists passionate about nurturing self expression and creativity in girls and women.  The Mighty Creative Adventure is a mother and daughter bonding experience.   In ancient times women gathered and elders shared their wisdom, skills and craft with younger generations. When women gather, they are given an opportunity to discover who they are and who they can become. In today’s world, girls are influenced by the media and a culture that sends harmful and devaluing messages. The Mighty Creative Adventure is a re-claiming of the women’s circle wherein we explore new and more meaningful practices that can enrich our lives with connection, creativity, intuition, and wisdom.

Your Experience

The Mighty Creative Adventure is a retreat to celebrate and elevate your love and bond with each other as mother and daughter and as friends. For four days, and three nights you will play, create and deepen your connection as you make memories you may never forget.  You will make new friends, find a sense of belonging and have time to relax, sipping lemonade–or do whatever your beautiful heart desires.

We will have….

♥ talking circles ♥ campfires ♥
♥ storytelling ♥ forest hikes ♥ connection to nature ♥ detox from digital world ♥
♥ creativity and art playshops ♥ jewelery making ♥ a mother and daughter love ceremony ♥
♥ journaling ♥ scavenger hunt ♥ contemplative practices ♥ stargazing ♥ tree swinging ♥

.…and many more magical surprises that
–if we told you–you wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight from excitement!

 Your Mighty Creative Guides

Becky Jaine is a writer, storyteller, social artist and singer celebrating the expressive arts through creativity playshops and retreats especially for becky bio picgirls and women.

Becky founded and is the spaceholder for the Sacred Kindness Circle; a circle of women honoring creative kindness by making things to make a difference. Her company–Creative GirL–gathers girls for creativity, kindness,  self exploration and expression through painting, poetry, journaling, jewelry making and talking circles. She lives and laughs in Raleigh, North Carolina.

old photo border selfie

Wendy Cook is a visual artist whose disciplines include painting, photography, book arts, assemblage, and jewelry.  She has been exhibiting her art since 1986.  She has been published in the US, Canada and the UK.  Her work has been sold at charity events such as the “Postcards From the Edge” benefit for Visual AIDS of NYC; Northern Virginia Family Service; and The Fund for Women Artists.

Wendy is the founder and facilitator of Mighty Girl Art™  empowerment workshops for girls.
Formerly a NYC native, she now resides in Northern Virginia.

Together Becky and Wendy have combined their ideas and talents to birth a mother and daughter retreat experience that they believe is missing and very much needed in our world today.