Packing List

Here is a packing checklist for your convenience.

Download Printable PDF HERE

Mighty Creative Adventure Packing List

Please bring the following things:

  • ____   A veggie for Thursday night’s “Stone Soup”.
  • ____   Car snacks and beverage for your journey.
  • ____   PJs, slippers, warm/cool clothes, hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes.
    (Weather in the mountains changes so prepare for hot weather AND wet or cool.)
  • ____   Funky clothes, costumes, face paint, hair chalk are highly encouraged!
  • ____  Bathing suit for the swimming hole.
  • ____   Boots or shoes that can get muddy, rain gear just in case.
  • ____   Bed linens, sleeping bags, pillows, towels (linens are provided to those staying in Elfhaven Lodge)
  • ____   Personal toiletries including soap and shampoo
  • ____   Bathing suit and swim towel for the swimming hole.
  • ____   Mosquito repellent: we hear there are no Mosquitoes where we are going, but just in case.
  • ____   A blanket or yoga mat for fire circle.
  • ____   Refillable water bottle
  • ____   Flashlight or lantern (if you have one)
  • ____   Teas and coffee available, but you are welcome to bring any beverages (non-alcoholic) you’d enjoy.
  • ____   A drum and/or rattle if you have one. (We’ll have extras for RUCKUS making!)
  • ____   A gift from you for the forest. (Something small that may be useful to nature, but do no harm.)
  • ____  String, ribbon, yarn or strip of material … something to represent you and adorn our talking stick.
  • ____   Poem, art, stories or songs on iphone, ipad or MP3 player to share during Saturday night’s party.  (We have a booming stereo with plug in )
  • ____   Your journal, any special art/craft supplies that you feel you absolutely must bring.
  • ____   Secret sister gifts. We will be gifting (and receiving) small gifts with one new friend, one surprise gift for 3 days. Surprises need not be new, can be
    handmade, from nature…little somethings to make her smile. This is for Girls AND Moms!
  • ____   Your open heart, open mind, capable body, ready to DANCE, SING, LAUGH, PLAY and be filled!

last updated 4-4-2015

Download Printable PDF HERE